Medical X-rays are able to image and identify bony and soft tissue structures. Diagnostic x-ray is the most common medical use of X-ray. Diagnostic x-ray examines the body using the basic x-ray techniques. These X-ray images can be either radiographs (or "still" images) or fluoroscopy (or "real-time" images). Fluoroscopy uses x-rays with video cameras so internal motion can be visualized. Some X-ray exams require drinking or injection of a "contrast" material that will better outline structures to be seen on the image.

There are many types of X-ray exams and most don't require any special preparation. Those that do require preparation are exams that need to be done by appointment.




 Common exams that may be performed include:

Safety Information

Extreme care is taken during any x-ray procedure to ensure the lowest possible dose of radiation without compromising image quality.