Joint Replacement

Navigator Technology

The Stryker Navigation System is a computer-aided surgical tool that brings surgical precision to a new level, greater than the naked eye will allow. Think of it as GPS for the surgeon.  Using a special tracking device to capture positioning data in the thighbone and shinbone, information is transmitted to a computer, creating a three-dimensional bone model.  Surgeons can use the model to measure tension of the ligaments, the degree of flexibility, and determine where to cut so that the new knee is precisely aligned.  When used in conjunction with minimally invasive techniques, Navigator II can significantly reduce recovery time and results. 

Chief of Orthopedics Michael Berry, MD, has been using the Navigator II at Milton since 2005.  “For knee replacement surgeries, the Navigator builds a perfectly accurate model of the patient’s leg and tells us what angle we are cutting at, how much bone to cut, and allows us to make perfect cuts and alignment of the prosthesis.  For the hip, it allows for accuracy of placement, which helps decrease the risk of dislocations.”